A Tale of Two Ramadhans

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It was about 5 am when I was awakened by the ‘ding!’ of the elevator in my apartment. I opened up the windows and let the cool air hit my face. Soon after, I could hear a car engine starting, and saw it speeding away. Who else would dash out of the .

COVID-19 Chronicles: A Life Update

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Hi everyone. I hope you’re in the pink of health.We’re at the beginning of week 5 of our extended Movement Control Order. What an overwhelming couple of weeks it has been. Thought I’d take the opportunity of this Monday morning to pen down .

Should you get a Kindle ?

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I’ll cut this short since it’s a question I’ve answered multiple times. I was a skeptic to the whole ebook movement but lo and behold… I converted. My Kindle Paperwhite came to serve a specific purpose and solve a problem. 5 .

Questions I Ask Myself Before Making A Purchase

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Do you remember our UPSR English exam format? In one of the essay questions, we would be provided with an assortment of options in a category.  We were then required to elaborate on why we chose a particular item. It didn’t stop at standard six for .

“It’s Just Work.”

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I quote Eman Idil on this, Nothing that I’m doing is hard work. It’s just work. Her post here continues to highlight the sacrifices her immigrant father made, in order to pave the way for her success. Reading it, I can’t help but reflect on my .

The Flores Trip: Overview, Itinerary & More

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This is a highly requested topic and I’m sorry I’ve been putting it off. I should have written about the Flores itinerary before the Pantai Paris Homestay entry. Anyway, I hope you’ll get a better overview of how our journey went. .

My Experience at Pantai Paris Homestay, Maumere

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Hi all! I finally got around to writing about my travels, as promised in my previous post! A disclaimer though: this is not going to be a review of describing the room or the beds at Pantai Paris Homestay (they’re great, btw) but rather, .

Searching for ilmu

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Working a full-time job, writing a research article, juggling a small business while trying to enjoy my precious holidays – it’s obvious that I want to squeeze out the most from every experience. While I doubt that this is the right way .

What birthday?

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Being on a too-long break, I’ve stopped paying attention to the date or what day it is. The distant sound of azan and the daily routine of the rest of my family members would roughly tell me the time, but apart from that – no watch sits .

A quick update


Hello! I’ve left this site abandoned for almost a month now? So much has been happening that I haven’t got the time to properly sit down and document it all. Passed my finals and I’m done with medical school! Ended Ramadhan with a .